GreenTech Rangers is more than a tool for entrepreneurial deeds.

It is also experienced entrepreneurs ready to meet your needs.

If the GreenTech Rangers platform alone is not enough to satisfy your special needs, then our team is here to correct that. We offer a range of additional platform-based services to support you in your activities in environmental and social entrepreneurship.

Amongst the additional services we provide you can order:

GreenTech Rangers: Platform Customization


Customization of the platform with extras

Make the GreenTech Rangers platform truly yours by adapting its user interface, startup development “journey”, and gamification mechanics to your startup program, hackathon, competition, or accelerator. Namely, you can order translation of the platform interface into a new language, addition of extra “building blocks” to the Startup Constructor, and/or integration of special achievements having your design and/or brand.

GreenTech Rangers: Onboarding and Technical Support


Provision of onboarding and technical support

Focus fully on your startup-oriented program or event and leave all handling of the GreenTech Rangers platform to us. We will introduce the platform to your participants, explain how to use it for maximum gain, and provide technical support for both you and your startup teams throughout the program or event. And at the end of that program or event we will offer you complete report on the progress of your teams on the platform.

GreenTech Rangers: Training and Consultancy


Delivery of training, coaching, or consultation

Tap into our 9 years of knowledge and professional experience in environmental and social entrepreneurship to educate, train, coach, and consult your participants in this regard. We will design a training, workshop, course, or consultancy process specially for your needs and then deliver it in offline, online, or hybrid setting. Surely, we will “spice it up” with gamification, storytelling, our own entrepreneurial experiences, and the platform itself.

GreenTech Rangers: Startup-oriented Event


Organization of a startup-oriented event

Put your entire hackathon or pitching competition into our hands and minds and see how we make it happen for you. We will design the agenda, idea development process, pitching rules, and other important things together with you, promote the event in social media, register participants, and then manage the whole event flow by using our platform and other online tools. In the end we will provide you with a complete report on the event’s results.

It is all in here - your online support tool with all the needed human care.

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