Evolution is driven by experience and adaptability to changes.

Your startup evolution can be driven by GreenTech Rangers.

GreenTech Rangers is the online learning-and-startup-building platform created especially for you as a prospective environmental or social entrepreneur, who is focused on financially sustainable solutions to environmental or social issues.

The platform offers you digital space and tools to experiment with your ideas, prepare agile business plan for the chosen idea, track the implementation of this plan, document your startup’s progress and success, and learn environmental entrepreneurship on the go.

GreenTech Rangers: Welcome

Furthermore, the GreenTech Ranger platform's interactive and intuitive progression process enhanced with e-learning and gamification assists you in growing your ventures with environmental or social value from raw and untested ideas to fully-fledged startups in a fun and rewarding way.

GreenTech Rangers: Startup Constructor

Origin story

GreenTech Rangers started in 2019 as a pre-acceleration program for sustainability-oriented startups in the Republic of Moldova.

The program integrated various startup initiatives, such as trainings, workshops, hackathons, boot camps, and pitching competitions, to create valuable learning and startup-development journey for young talents and prospective environmental and social entrepreneurs.

Two editions of the GreenTech Rangers program were organized before we started developing the online platform you see today. In those editions, we achieved:

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young people

educated in green entrepreneurship


greentech startups

nurtured and supported


startup teams

taken to international competitions

This is how it was in the GreenTech Rangers program:

However, with the coming of the COVID-19 pandemic and associated restrictions on offline events, we decided to take a more adaptive and sustainable approach to supporting the development of environmental and social entrepreneurship.

As a result, GreenTech Rangers had evolved from an offline program dependent on external circumstances to a permanent online space that is better suited to the modern entrepreneurial environment.
Hence, the GreenTech Rangers platform was born.

Online Platform

Creators and enablers

GreenTech Rangers, both as program and platform, is the product of two organizations from Moldova: Moldovan Environmental Governance Academy (MEGA) and Generator Hub.

Generator Hub

GreenTech Rangers was supported by the GEF Small Grants Programme implemented by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) in cooperation with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).


Programming and design for the GreenTech Rangers platform were done by IXOBIT and MyWay Design.

MyWay Design

Creating GreenTech Rangers is a joint effort.

And it can become a joint success.

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