Building a startup is challenging. But it is also rewarding and fun.

Especially when GreenTech Rangers is your tool of choice nr. one.

GreenTech Rangers is ideal for you, a proactive learner and a green entrepreneur, to experiment with your green business idea(s) and to develop your startup(s), as it offers you a range of valuable tools, features, and benefits you need in a single platform.

The GreenTech Rangers platform allows you to:

Green Entrepreneur
GreenTech Rangers: Startup Constructor


Experiment with all your ideas in one place

With Startup Constructor, you can document all your green business ideas, experiment with those ideas at the same time, and then focus your attention and efforts on the most promising one.
All in one digital place.

GreenTech Rangers: Learn and Build


Build up your startup idea like a constructor

With the Learn & Build feature, you can embark on a startup-development “journey”, acquire and fill in “building blocks”, and then use those "blocks" to build up your chosen startup idea like a constructor.
All in a fun and rewarding way.

GreenTech Rangers: Startup Profile


Evolve your startup together, even remotely

In Startup Profile, you can add other users as team members to your startup, manage their roles in the team, communicate with each one of them, and make the entire startup-development “journey” together.
All while being even in different parts of the world.

GreenTech Rangers: Pitch Deck


Assemble and adapt your pitch seamlessly

By using the Pitch Deck tool, you can combine your completed “building blocks” into a well-structured startup pitch deck, present it at startup competitions, and adjust the deck based on feedback received.
All in a fast and easy manner.

GreenTech Rangers: Courses


Learn and apply your knowledge on the go

In the Courses section, you can access courses on different aspects of environmental entrepreneurship, learn from their video trainings and educational resources, and invest your new knowledge into your startup.
All while continuing to evolve the startup.

GreenTech Rangers: Challenges


Make the best out of startup competitions

In the Challenges section, you can explore various startup-oriented competitions and opportunities, take part in the ones most relevant for your startup, and bring your green business to a whole new level.
All in the same platform.

The space for your green business idea is here.

The time is NOW.

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