For supporting and managing your green startups’ evolution

GreenTech Rangers is possibly the best online solution.

GreenTech Rangers is a perfect digital space for you, an experienced startup trainer and/or mentor, to run your startup program, hackathon, competition, or accelerator due to a set of advanced content creation and customization features.

By using the GreenTech Rangers platform you can:

Startup Program
GreenTech Rangers: Courses


Create unique learning journey for participants

In Courses, you can create your own video trainings, learning resources, and assignments, assemble all of them into comprehensive online courses, and then track the completion of those courses.
All in tight connection with startup development flow.

GreenTech Rangers: Challenges


Offer participants your best opportunities

In Challenges, you can post your startup-focused opportunities, such as hackathons and pitching competitions, track and manage applications of startups for them, and determine winners of each challenge.
All in an efficient and transparent manner.

GreenTech Rangers: Messages


Instantly connect with every startup team

With the Messages feature, you can send notifications and messages to any participant or startup team taking part in your course or challenge, attach files to your messages, and check the receiving of those messages.
All within the platform.

GreenTech Rangers: Startup Profile


Support your startups at each growth stage

In Startup Profile of every startup you have connected with, you can monitor the growth of that startup, assist its team with content for “building blocks”, and offer mentoring at every level in the team’s entrepreneurial “journey”.
All in a well-structured way.

GreenTech Rangers: Statistics


Monitor your success & show it to stakeholders

With the Statistics feature, you can monitor traction and results of your courses and challenges, visualize participation dynamics for specific periods, and download all data for sending them to sponsors and/or partners.
All in just several clicks.

GreenTech Rangers: Community


“Wander” in the “meadow” of green startups

With the help of the entire platform, you can connect with a community of environmental and social startups, invite them to your events, and support them in their growth thus stimulating positive economic and environmental change.
All in one digital space.

Your next green unicorn may well be here.

Just a few clicks away.

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